Carolina International Relations Association

Welcome to the Carolina International Relations association!

Conferences and Branches


Model United Nations Chapel Hill is our annual high school-level Conference that will engage students with the fundamental principles and goals of the United Nations. For eighteen years, CIRA has continued to grow its annual conference. We aim to strengthen delegates confidence and communication skills, allow them to work collaboratively with other students, and provide them an opportunity to undertake the responsibilities of an increasingly political world. This year’s conference will be held from February 20th to  February 23rd 2020! 


UNCMUNC (UNC’s Model United Nations Conference) is our annual collegiate international relations conference in November designed for delegates to explore a variety of past, current, future, and fictional crisis scenarios and the policy responses necessary to resolve them. Delegates are pushed to think creatively and collaboratively. Throughout the fall, the team meets biweekly to prepare the entire staff for the conference. Next year’s conference will be held from November 7th to November 11th 2019!

Travel Team

Our Travel Team is a competitive team of students who carefully prepare for and attend Model United Nations conferences. Its captains, or Head Delegates, train the team through weekly instruction and mock sessions, which also serve as try-outs for the conferences. Members of the team hone their skills in public speaking, diplomacy, and negotiating while also learning about various pertinent topics in international policy. As serious and committed as members are expected to be, the team is also a close knit group of friends that has a lot of fun.

General Body

The General Body encompasses Campus Affairs, our three MUN branches, and all of our members. The General Body occasionally meets on Monday at 7PM to explore international issues in creative and interactive ways. They are intended for anyone who enjoys thinking critically about and discussing global affairs and are a great opportunity to meet like-minded globally-conscious students. 

The Internationalist

The Internationalist is tasked with publishing excellent examples of student research on global affairs. Though it is student-led, this journal is partnered with the Office of Undergraduate Research as well as supported by academic departments such as Political Science and Peace, War, and Defense. As an interdisciplinary publication, it hopes to draw submissions relating to global affairs from varied subjects such as economics, religion, anthropology, international relations, and regional studies. The internationalist publishes two issues every year.

Campus Affairs

Our Campus Affairs branch is a group of students dedicated to connecting the broader university community with the international issues of the day and promoting CIRA and its mission to undergraduates. Through publications, presentations, workshops, and distinguished speakers, Campus Affairs aims to raise awareness about international crises and build partnerships with fellow student organizations. Lastly, CA is responsible for the social events throughout the year that foster club participation and cohesion.

We are the the premier International Relations organization at UNC-Chapel Hill

Carolina International Relations Association (CIRA) is UNC’s leading international affairs club, engaging undergraduates across the university on the global issues of today. CIRA is devoted to fostering critical thought, discussion, and debate on current international issues, stimulating creative and effective responses to them, developing the analytical, communicational, and team building skills of its members and the broader university community.

We aim to work towards combating those international crises that threaten peace and security, social and economic progress, and fundamental human rights. Through our Model United Nations team, campus affairs branch, The Internationalist, general body meetings, campus-wide events, and social opportunities, there are a variety of ways to get involved.